• Monster Body

    Atlanta Eke

    Image: Tim Bernie

Monster Body

Atlanta Eke

Presented by Dancehouse with the support of the Keir Foundation

A graphically honest and intense piece, Monster Body is a saturation of textures, tones, noises, rhythm and shapes created through a number of imaginative situations drawing from strong and haunting connections between local and global images that shape the female identity in contemporary culture.

Through this raw and exposed work, Atlanta Eke subverts the conventional images of the female body and through deeply affecting, and often darkly funny, choreography, plans to broaden this representation in society.

Atlanta Eke utilises the mystery, energy and physicality of a dancing body as a resource to ultimately expose the “monster” that hides in the space between the audience and the performer.

Enchanting, challenging and disturbing, Monster Body stimulates the audience to create refreshing thoughts, feelings and approaches towards the society and rethink the boundaries between life and art.

Choreographer/Performer: Atlanta Eke
Performers: Amanda Betlehem, Tim Birnie, Tessa Broadby, Ashlea English, Sarah Ling
Stage Manager: Abbey Leonard

Monster Body was originally presented at the Next Wave Festival in May 2012 in partnership with Dancehouse and has been developed and supported through Next Wave Kickstart Program, Dancehouse, Arts Victoria and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body