• [Gu:t] 굿

    Soo Yeun You

    Image: Josh Wright

[Gu:t] 굿

Soo Yeun You

Presented by Malthouse Theatre in association with Kath Papas Productions

A contemporary ritual in progress.

Through a Korean shamanistic ritual [Gu:t] 굿 , Soo Yeun You and senior Torres Strait Island man Albert David venerate the living memory of two much-loved ancestors – their grandmothers. Using as its foundation the powerful Korean shamanistic ritual which gives its name to the work, [Gu:t] 굿 is a meeting place to redefine landscape in a frame: life-death, yin-yang, two cultures, two extraordinary performers.

This showing of work in progress will be accompanied by a forum with the artists which offers an insight into the traditional foundations of the piece and its themes.

Conceived and performed by: Soo Yeun You, Albert David
Choreography: Soo Yeun You
Design by: Priya Namana
Lighting Designer: Alexandre Malta
Composition: Gus Macmillan
Producer: Kath Papas 

[Gu:t] 굿 has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body